React Native lets you build mobile apps using JavaScript and React. With it, you write once and deploy on both iOS and Android. It offers native performance, direct access to device features, and a thriving community.

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Here are some important concepts to learn:

  1. Component Lifecycle: Understanding when and how components mount, update, and unmount.
  2. State & Props: Grasp how to manage and pass data between components.
  3. Styling & Layout: Learn Flexbox to design responsive and adaptive layouts.
  4. Navigation: Implementing and managing screen flows with tools like React Navigation.
  5. Native Modules: Integrating native code when you need functionality outside the React Native ecosystem.
  6. Performance Optimization: Techniques like memoization, virtualized lists, and optimizing re-renders.
  7. State Management Solutions: Using libraries like Redux or MobX for large-scale applications.
  8. Handling Gestures & Animations: Enhancing user experience with touch gestures and smooth animations.
  9. Networking: Fetching and sending data to APIs, understanding async operations and error handling.
  10. Testing & Debugging: Writing unit tests, using debugging tools, and addressing performance bottlenecks.

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