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Meet Vidhi. An AI-powered Educator, trained to help you get higher marks in CS Exams.

Clicking on the link above will open WhatsApp.

Clicking on the link above will open WhatsApp.

Teachers can’t be available 24×7 with you…

It is not humanely possible.

Therefore you need Vidhi, an AI-powered Bot.


Vidhi is a virtual educator powered by artificial intelligence. Unlike human teachers, she is always available and free from many of the limitations that humans face.

Vidhi possesses expert-level knowledge of the entire CS curriculum and has reviewed previous question papers extensively. Trained by some of the top CS educators, she can conduct assessments and help you score better marks in exams.

And the best part? The AI Bot is available anytime you need her to answer your questions! Even if it is 2 AM in night!

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Trained by the Top Educators

Vidhi has been trained by some of the best Teachers, Academics, and practicing Company Sereatries.

Official CS Curriculum

It has mastered the official CS Curriculum provided by ICSI. It also has gone through the past year question papers.

Content reviewed by real Teachers

Answers and contents given by Vidhi are reviewed at multiple stages. It is also monitored by the real Educators to ensure that the accuracy and quality of the answers remain top notch.

Available 24x7

Vidhi is not human but she augments human capabilities. Being an AI, she is much faster than any human at processing information. Also, she remains with you 24x7 to make your learning effective yet faster!

Learn from the Top Educators

Vidhi is in the team of the Top CS Educators. Along with her, you can also study from the real human Teachers like - CS Pankaj Kumar, CS Ravi Dureja and many more...

Improve your marks in CS Exams. Start today!

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Clicking on the link above will open WhatsApp.